Friday, September 12, 2008

a wee bit of bipolarness... bipolarity?

There are some things I'm really loving today (well, this week) and some things, well, not so much. I'll document them in a list for you! Hooray!

1. It's payday. That means I could buy some gym sessions to get my ass back in gear. That also means mani/pedi this afternoon! Now to decide what color to choose.....

2. NY fashion week! Glorious. Some faves:

Naeem Khan.
Oooo I love this dress, and I love me a low side ponytail!
But this one is a little *too* reminiscent of my 4th grade school photo.

Zac Posen.
The perfect evening "power suit." Kick. ass.

I love the lace, love the neckline.
Make it in a lighter color with some thicker lining, and I'd make it my future wedding dress.

3. It's September. That means only one month till October, my most favorite month of the year. It also means the arrival of pumpkin-flavored things: my ultimate favorite. I'll be keeping my eye to the Godiva on M Street to see when they're precious pumpkin truffles arrive! Hey Hello Cupcake, how about a pumpkin seasonal cupcake?

4. This quote, courtesy of mimi, totally made my day yesterday. It was perfection, in my eyes.
"No matter how bad the weather, soiled the past, broken the heart, hellish the war, I believe all that is behind the universe is conspiring to help us-- if we will humbles ourselves enough to let it."-Kevin Kelly

Not so much loving:
1. Hurricane Ike. Headed for Houston, where the sister and bro-in-law recently moved. They'll be fine, I'm sure, but it's all just a little scary. Y"ike"s! (yeah, I just went there.)

2. Hot weather in DC. How am I supposed to get excited about my fall transition clothes when it's supposed to be 96 this weekend?! Argh.

3. Boys. Why are they so freaking non-committal? Thankfully a co-worker and I are living mirrored lives so we can bitch together.

4. Sarah Palin. She's the first politician I've ever vehemently opposed. Eughhh, she just makes me shudder. I'd post a picture, but it would really bring down the integrity of this blog to a place that I'm not comfortable with. You'll just have to use your imagination.