Thursday, May 31, 2007

fucking south beach.

i'm starving.

i want:

a donut

chocolate covered cashews

a delirium tremens

french fries


mochi ice cream

bubble tea

swedish fish

a hamburger

a chai latte


diet coke

all of it, right now.

Thirsty Thursday!

Pirates of Caribbean was decent, but I just need to realize that nothing's ever going to be as good as the original. Such is life.

I had my first Yelp! book club meeting last night and it was a lot of fun. We're going to read "The Omnivore's Dilemma" this month and I'm definitely really excited. I've often thought about becoming a vegetarian again, but I just love my burgers and barbeque too much! From what I hear, this book will definitely change my perspective so I may soon switch into the "flexetarian" mindset. Who knows.

Tonight I'm going to head home, watch a little Studio 60 (I miss it so much!) and then once it cools off I'm planning to head on this run:

The big hills are apparently towards the beginning so hopefully it won't kick my ass quite as much as the Georgetown run I did last week. Oy. I really like the area around the observatory so it should be a nice place to run and again, better than the completely unlevel Georgetown brick sidewalks.... they're quite treacherous.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A random sampling.

Well, the weekend was good: nice and long, hot, and full of shopping and vegging. I watched about 37 hours of the Food Network (so much barbecue!), went to Tyson's and Friendship Heights, and watched some good movies. Spent all of Sunday recovering from Saturday (oops), so it was nice to have Monday in order to be a bit productive. This is all incredibly thrilling, I know.

In more exciting news (for me, at least!) my birthday is in a mere 2 weeks. For the first time ever, my 'rents are just handing me a check to do whatever I want with... I guess I'm officially old. I *should* use it to help pay off my credit card bill, but I just can't do that, now can I? So, I don't know exactly how much I'll get and that will definitely change things, but here's what I'm trying to decide between.

1) an iPod. Mine is dead and I would definitely use it. I'm thinking that I will for sure buy one, it's just the question between the Nano and the regular one. Tough call.

2) Faboo sunglasses, like these from Tom Ford:

3) Other thoughts include an Isabella Fiore bag, a new wallet (kind of a necessity at this point, but I haven't found one that I like), or a fabulous piece of estate jewelry.

In other fabulous news about fabulous me, I'm getting pumped for my Black and White B-day party that my wonderful housemates are hosting on the 16th. Should be a good time, and I found my dress! (well, I re-found it, but still...). Everyone's invited, it should be a good time... email me for more info.

Well, I'm off to go see Pirates of the Caribbean, hopefully it will be better then the 2nd installment. I'll leave you with this lovely video from one of my favorites, Til' Tuesday:

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Ok, I've got a confession to make.

I am completely in love with Phil Stacey. Head over heels in love. A Teen Bop kind of crush. I'm $5.99 away from buying a poster of him and taping it on my ceiling.

I am quite happy and satisfied with Jordin's win: she was definitely the best candidate for American Idol from the ranks. I've never watched Idol as closely as I did this year but for some reason I got totally sucked in. It's all Phil's fault. I just swoon when he's on the screen!

I can't wait till the Idol tour comes to DC. I'm totally going to be there along with all of the 13 year old girls from Chantilly and McLean. I'm apparently comfortable enough with myself to admit this over the internet, but there it is. I love Phil Stacey.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

online shopping is my lifeblood.

I just bought these absolutely precious shoes: They make me happy.

Also, I'm lusting for these plates:

Anyone who'd like to get them for me for my birthday would be loved for a long time. How amazing are they??

Boring week.

This week is just one of those "blah" weeks where nothing is going on and the minute I get in to work I'm already bored. I just putz around on the internet all day rather than doing the things that are piling up around me. Boo.

The weekend at home was good, but way too short. Lots of shopping, drinking, and eating, which I'm perfectly okay with. My sister found her wedding dress (woo!) and we also found the bridesmaid's dresses, which you can see here:

They're all going to be in the kiwi green that the strapless dress is made out of with a white and green floral sash. Should be cute. I'll be wearing the v-neck style, not sure what the other girls will choose.

Hopefully I'll have a more interesting post tomorrow.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Homeward Bound....

I get a feeling in me
When I remember all those crazy days and crazier nights
Can't you hear the music playing?
You must have heard them saying
We're gonna rip 'em up and light up the night

Oh, Atlanta
I hear you calling
I'm coming back to you one fine day
No need to worry
There ain't no hurry cause I'm
On my way back to Georgia
On my way back to Georgia

Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is your brain. This is your brain after an interview.

So, after a 3 and a half hour long interview at a very intimidating law firm, my brain is absolutely fried. I've got another hour at work but absolutely nothing will get done. Instead, I think I'm going to watch the following video, on repeat.

Okay, so I watched this one about 5 times too:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Penis. Penises. Penii?

Well, it's Humpday, which makes me feel like posting my two favorite videos about those lovely little man sticks. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories...

Last night I watched An Affair to Remember. My God, its just about the best movie of all time. I laughed, I cried, I swooned. People aren't kidding when they say they don't make them like they used to, because I haven't yet found a love story as good as this one. The pace in the film is amazing- you actually get to see the two characters fall in love rather than the unbelievably quick whirlwind romances in today's movies. The costuming, makeup, and oh! that hair is to die for. And Cary Grant isn't half bad, either. :)

In honor of this incredible film, I've comprised my list for top 10 Romances
1. Gone With the Wind
2. An Affair to Remember
3. The English Patient
4. Dr. Zhivago
5. Sleepless in Seattle
6. Shakespeare in Love
7. Dirty Dancing
8. Pride & Prejudice
9. Say Anything
10. Pretty Woman

Now let's all go out and fall in love. Ok?

Monday, May 14, 2007

hello, you've reached the winter of our discontent.

So, it's Monday morning, I'm sick, tired, and broke (like $700 in the hole broke). Things have to get better from here, they just have to. I've got some things to look forward to this week: Braves game on Wednesday, job interview on Thursday, going back to the A-tizzy this weekend, so at least things will end on a good note.

The weekend was.... interesting. What did I learn?
1. drinking 1/2 bottle of gin absolutely necessitates a trip to Johnny Rockets.
2. when there are 3 boys sitting on your front porch early on a saturday morning, your neighbors will most definitely shoot you dirty looks.
3. barbeques always equal good times and too much food.
4. random hookups are not as fun as they used to be.
5. super mario kart leads to some of the greatest trash talk ever. i am the queen of super mario kart.
6. i love moms.
7. when you realize that you're having a great time at a dinner party, you realize that you're getting old, and then you realize that you're okay with that.

Friday, May 11, 2007

slaphappy friday.

I'm leaving work in 45 minutes. That calls for some scat.

Shoo be doo bop didee bop dee bo. Scatta latta da dat dat dittidee bop boop.

Mmm.... I love scatting.

You know what I don't love? The jerkface that sits next to me in my office. Today he decided to hang some Panamanian flags. Good for you, toolface. It involved lots and lots of hammering, and then him stepping back into MY cube (3 FEET OF PERSONAL SPACE, DUDE!) to examine his handiwork. It was not fun. I'm sure I'll be talking about him a lot more on this thing, but he'll remain nameless, just in case, you know? I mean, my readership is already at eleventy billion, so I don't want it to get around.

A bit behind the times...

I know, I know. Blogs are so 2005. Is it too early to consider them vintage and perhaps I'm on the cusp of a hot throwback like Members Only jackets or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?


Fine. I'm doing it anyway.