Wednesday, May 21, 2008

this made me laugh today.

Comment at the DCist: I thought DC's motto was, "At Least We're Not Herndon."


Ok ok, back to work!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

kinda grumpy.

Sick and tired of work and all that comes with it (stress, lack of sleep, bad eating habits, falling asleep of-the-ass). Only 12 more days till freedom, and freedom means this:

Oh Charleston. This is where my sis' reception will be. So fantastically Chaaaaaahhhhleston.

QT with the sibs (both original and new!).
Annnnd with mi casa. Last time I'll see the house :(

QT with the parentals!

Honestly, who doesn't love a wedding? Nothing is more fantastic.
btw, this photo is from Old Sheldon Church. Where yours truly WILL be getting married. Isn't it just fantastic? I hope my future fiance thinks so! ;)
(this was last year, obvi.)

So yes, all good things.
But to make it through the hard part, would someone like to buy me these?They're on saaaaale!

Friday, May 16, 2008

fridays are better than mondays.

Hi hi readers!

Ok, this will be a quickie because work beckons, but I just wanted to say that I'm famous! Well, kind of. The lovely DCGF over at The DC Goodwill Fashion blog has profiled me! And I mean, really, who loves Goodwill more than me? Well, the DCGF does. But honestly. My love for Goodwill knows no bounds. I mean, I got a pair of MANOLO BLAHNIKS (yes, worthy of caps) for $5.99. Yeah, that decimal is supposed to be there. And Goodwill does so many great things for the community. Plus, there's no end to my lecture on how much better thrifting is for the environment. And we all love that, right? So yes, yes, go visit her blog, check out what she posts on eBay and go to to find even more goodies.

In other news I decided on my bridesmaid shoes! I scoured, ordered 3 pairs, and ended up settling with the silver t-straps posted below. I've got to get the final approval from the bride and my mother, but I heart them! Super comfy and they're satin, so plenty dressy. AND Endless had them on sale! Snaps for that.

One last tidbit-- come to Fiesta Asia this weekend! Yeah, I know Fiesta Asia is a silly name, but it's FREE and a STREET FESTIVAL and I WILL BE THERE. So yeah, come. I'll be working the Yelp table in the AM before I head to the boutique for the day.

That's about all I've got planned for the weekend because after the 12hour days I've been pulling, I'm ready for some sleep. I think I'm getting old.

Monday, May 12, 2008

quick update!

We're a mere 12 working days from Reunion over here and considering that's basically my entire job, things have been kind of crazy. Still, it's been nearly a month since my last post and my blog is feeling all neglected, so get prepared for the most random stream of consciousness convoluted blog post EVER. Yes, I'm serious about that.

1. All I feel like I do lately is work and work out. Notice the common word there? Yeah, work. I do a lot of it. The working out is going well and I'm very much enjoying my time with CJ, although he's expensive in more ways than one. Yes, the actual sessions cost a pretty penny (but are TOTALLY worth it). The real problem I have is the fact that I'm trying to be good on restricting myself on the drinking/eating front. Good, yes? Well, maybe if I actually could show restraint. You see, when I find myself dieting, not going out and drinking 1000000 calories, not eating ice cream, etc., I feel the need to splurge in other ways. Yeah, that's right. Shopping. Namely shoes (shocking, I know). But for real! I don't want to buy new clothes because the whole goal is to lose weight. But shoes, well, they'll fit regardless. Yeah, that whole "no shoes till laptop" rule is out the window. And if it's not shoes it's other random stuff: my trips to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Sur la Table (best store EVER), and the Container Store this weekend did not fare my bank account well. And yes, I went to the 'burbs. Obvi. So yes, I need to fix this issue. No more spending on frivolity. We'll see how long that lasts. I did avoid the Bloomingdale's private shoe sale this weekend! Go me.

2. I had a much more budget-conscious weekend a couple of weeks ago, though! And YES, it still involved shopping. Duh. After a service project a friend and I travelled up to Rockville MD to do some thrifting. And thrifting we did! We scoured through tons of consignment and not-so-nice thrift shops and I found a couple sweet things. I scored a faboo white eyelet vintage dress from Goodwill along with a fun comfy weekend top. I also got a porcelain Asian-inspired lamp for my bedroom, and old-school banker's lamp for my office (need to bring that in...), a cool picture frame that I'll re-purpose, and this cool iron buffalo. I have a thing about buffalo. Don't know why or where it came from, but I feel like we're kindred spirits. Plus I like to eat them.

3. I made strawberry cupcakes this weekend-- nearly 3 dozen of them. Yikes. I have proceeded to eat three today. Yes, I REALIZE that this does not work with the whole diet plan but I'm cranky and it's Monday and rainy and goshdarnit I deserve them. Plus I'm going to the gym tonight for about 4 hours. I swear.

4. In all of the shoe shopping I've done in the past weeks, I haven't found the pair that I truly need: those for my bridesmaid dress. I know, I know. Trust me, I've been looking! It's difficult because I want a metallic but nothing too gold or too silver. I want a pretty high heel but still comfortable, which means nothing too strappy. And dear god, nothing bejeweled. You wouldn't think it would be this difficult, but trust me, it is.

I like these but I'm worried the color might be too dark. And they're also a little strappy. I'm especially not too fond of the ankle strap.
Ooooooh I love me a t-strap. Really I do. The material for these looks a little casual and I don't know if they'd make my legs look stumpy, but the price is right!

I think a DSW trip is in order.