Tuesday, May 20, 2008

kinda grumpy.

Sick and tired of work and all that comes with it (stress, lack of sleep, bad eating habits, falling asleep of-the-ass). Only 12 more days till freedom, and freedom means this:

Oh Charleston. This is where my sis' reception will be. So fantastically Chaaaaaahhhhleston.

QT with the sibs (both original and new!).
Annnnd with mi casa. Last time I'll see the house :(

QT with the parentals!

Honestly, who doesn't love a wedding? Nothing is more fantastic.
btw, this photo is from Old Sheldon Church. Where yours truly WILL be getting married. Isn't it just fantastic? I hope my future fiance thinks so! ;)
(this was last year, obvi.)

So yes, all good things.
But to make it through the hard part, would someone like to buy me these?They're on saaaaale!


angie goff said...

Charleston or Bust! I'm so jealous. If you can you should get the girls down to Wasabi- a funtastic sushi joint! I had my bachelorette party weekend down there in April it was a blast!

Jackie said...

Wow, that church picture is beautiful. Looks like a good place to wed!