Wednesday, December 26, 2007

our house is a very very very fine house.

As I sit here in the house I grew up in, at my mother's desk in the kitchen, with my dog at my feet, James Taylor singing in the background, I feel at complete peace. This is what I love about being home. It's a feeling that can't be recreated anywhere else in the world.

I especially love my house at Christmas. My mom is even more of a Christmasophile than I am, it's genetic. Everywhere you look there's a "touch of Christmas." Every shelf, lamp, window, railing, and dresser has something Christmas on it, and I just think that's fabulous. Even though Christmas day has come and gone, Christmas won't really be over for me until I leave this house on Sunday.

What makes this Christmas even more bittersweet is that this is most likely our last Christmas to celebrate in this house. My parents are putting it on the market in a few months, and I am, in short, devastated. I know that it's the right move-- the house is far too large for 2 people and it doesn't make any sense for my parents to continue to live out in the 'burbs, but I'll just continue to view it as a necessary evil.

I love walking around barefoot on the extra-plush carpeting. I love my Backstreet Boys posters, remnants of my teenybopper days, still hanging in my closet. I love the sound of my dog's nails clicking on the hardwood floors. I love falling asleep to the sound of Allison Krauss, James Taylor, Patsy Cline, or Motown playing over the house speakers. I love seeing our childhood playhouse through the trees in the backyard. I love the copper bartop on the basement bar and the way it smells. I even love the "weird room" where no one ever goes. I love the dogwood tree outside my bedroom window. I love eating dinner on the back deck. I love the ridiculous amount of counter space in my bathroom. I love just about everything about this house, and I'm going to freak out when it's not home any more.


nicoleantoinette said...

Being home for Christmas sounds so wonderful for you. And even though you won't have that house to come back to next holiday season, you'll be able to help your parents make their new house a real home :)

Virginia said...

Oh Kath, it'll be okay. My parents are currently in the process of deciding what needs to be fixed in our house before it can go on the market in a couple of years. But even when the house is sold and other people are living there, I'll still be able to feel the creak of the wood under my feet and the smell of the kitchen when my mom is cooking. It's still home. And the new house your parents move into will become your new home too, just a wee bit different.

This makes me think of "Father of the Bride 2" when they take rolls and rolls of pictures before they move. I just hope you and your mom aren't preggers at the same time, because geez, that would be weird.

Sorry for the longest post in the history of the world, haha.

Anonymous said...

This is the third time in a week I've read a blog referencing the Backstreet Boys. This makes me giggle. A lot. I was a super duper HUGE fan for approximately 13 years. I still have love for them, but 28 concerts is enough. I think?

Feel free to laugh. It was a bit extreme, the whole teenybopper phase.

Deutlich said...

oops! I pressed anonymous by accident.

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