Friday, February 22, 2008

handbag orgasm.

Okay, so after constructing the last post and finding the insanely beautiful Valentino bag, I looked over his entire collection and.... oh. my. god.

I've never viewed myself as a huge handbag person. Sure, I like them, but I've never felt the need for the uber expensive ones. I'm picky as far as size and shape and I really really hate logos. Despise them, in fact. Ugh. But that's about all I cared about. Until I saw these.

But if anyone would like to purchase a piece of this collection for me, or even just to let me touch/drool over/be in complete awe of occasionally, I'd love you forever.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

Python Bow Clutch: $1,295.00

Patent Leather Histoire: $1,795.00

Patent Side Bow Tote: $1,795.00

Straw and Patent Histoire Bag: $1,795.00

Nuage Bow Bag: $1,895.00

And just in case you didn't get enough Valentino:

Bow Peep-Toe Pump: $695.00

Gathered One-Shoulder Dress: $4,780.00 (the definition of a fabulous 80's comeback)


Virginia said...

Why haven't I found that damn sugar daddy yet?? I would like any of the ones named "Histoire" please. Kthanks.

brookem said...

hey there- found you through deutlich. those are some fabo bags! and the shoes! i love the shoes i think the most.