Thursday, February 21, 2008

holiday! celebrate!

This post is long overdue, as the holiday weekend is several days past, but I'm not feeling creative and you people keep demanding posts from me. What am I? Your writing slave? Here to keep you mildly entertained? Distract you for 5 minutes from the mind-numbing work you have to do? That's it? That's exactly it, isn't it? Well, I'm glad we're on the same page.

I'll just make this an incredibly long, somewhat boring, rambling post that you'll get sick of 1/3 of the way through. That way you can revisit it, maybe.

I, like most of my DC brethren, had Monday off, so we could all celebrate our 43 42 fabulous presidents. This isn't a popular holiday, one mainly celebrated in DC as it's a federal holiday. Hooray for the lazy government!

The gloriousness of a 3 day weekend really can't be put in to words. Sundays are usually ruined by thoughts of Monday hanging over your head and the killer hangover from Saturday night. But no, my friends, on a 3 day weekend, Monday is there just waiting for you to fill it with fun. Sadly for me I never have full weekends due to the 2nd job, so to have 2 FULL days off was a real treat. And man oh man, I took advantage.

A play-by-play (because you all care about my life so deeply):

3:30 PM: Head down to campus for ridiculous meeting.
4:12 PM: Fall asleep in said meeting.
4:35 PM: Leave meeting, go straight to brand new cupcake shop.
5:00 PM: Leave cupcake shop with 3 little bits of goodness in tow.
5:05 PM: Arrive at the boutique, catch up with the fabulous Jayne, and eat said cupcakes.
6:25 PM: Sell $1500 worth of clothes to really cute lady. Thanks, really cute lady!
7:05 PM: Leave boutique, hitch a ride home with Jayne.
7:15 PM: Change in to sweatpants, watch way too many episodes of What Not to Wear, enjoy utter fabulousness of a good night in with Bex.
10:30 PM: Get snuggly in bed, finish reading The Other Boleyn Girl (Elizabethan England smut that I would highly recommend) and fall asleep early!

8:00 AM: Wake up, think about going for a run, hit the snooze button.
9:30 AM: Wake up, for real this time.... eh, hit snooze button.
10:00 AM: Wake up, get in shower, realize I am very very late to work.
11:00 AM: Arrive at the boutique, thanks to Bex's carpooling skillz. Hang out at the boutique, catch up on girl talk, sell nothing.
4:30 PM: Head to H&M in hopes of finding hot outfit, leave utterly dissapointed.
5:30 PM: Take powernap in preparation of shenanigans.
7:00 PM: Apply eyeliner.
7:08 PM: Still applying eyeliner. When in doubt, more never hurts.
8:00 PM: Leave house to hit up open bar happy hour. Take the bus with Bex. Yeah, we're that classy.
8:15 PM: Arrive at open bar. Order gin and tonic.
8:25 PM: Scream over really bad DJ. Order gin and tonic.
8:40 PM: Make fun of the girl at the bar in pearls and a sweater set. Order gin and tonic.
9:12 PM: Wait in ridiculous line for bathroom. Meet absolutely new BFF, Bettina. Talk about how stupid boys are except for their ability to go to the bathroom a lot quicker than us.
9:47 PM: Order gin and tonic.
10:05 PM: Don't even need to order, bartender just hands me a gin and tonic.
10:18 PM: Back in the bathroom line, make new BFFs that say things like "Ohhh, what school do you go to?" Make awkward conversation about how old I am. Vow to never come to this bar again.
10:34 PM: Open bar is almost over! Order gin and tonic.
10:47 PM: Hmm... no, I'd rather not make out with you in front of all of my friends, thank you. Not right now.
10:55 PM: Must. get. one. more. drink.
11:05 PM: On to another bar!!
11:12 PM: Arrive at Mr. Smith's. Guys get meaty and start yelling. Narrowly avoid huge brawl with giant men.
11:16 PM: Arrive at Old Glory. Ohhh, Old Glory. So many... umm.. memories.
11:43 PM: Oh, you're recently divorced? No big deal. Really, not at all.
12:48 AM: Need food. Need food. Need food. JOHNNY ROCKET'S!
1:57 AM: We're home! How did that happen? I love you, Bex. No, really. I LOOOOVE you.

7:07 AM: Must. Get. Water.
9:24 AM: Yep, going to stay in bed a bit longer.
11:17 AM: Not getting out yet.
11:34 AM: Use 273 cotton swabs in an attempt to get eye makeup off. Concede defeat.
11:47 AM: Bex, you want brunch? Thank GOD.
12:13 PM: Arrive at brunch spot, hydrate at local convenience store while we wait.
1:54 PM: Oh my god. Never eating again. So full. Let's drive to Rockville.
2:15 PM: Mani/pedi woman I LOVE you!
4:17 PM: This is the biggest, craziest, most suburban Target I've ever seen. Rockville is a weird weird place.
5:35 PM: Oooh, salad I love you. I've never wanted vegetables so badly.
6:15 PM: Whoever made it possible for me to get beer and Swedish Fish at the movie theater, I love you.

10:07 AM: Bed just a wee bit longer.
10:51 AM: Whoa, the sun is out! Oh my god, so much fried chicken. Must go running.
11:12 AM: Whoa! It's 75 degrees outside, I think I'll run to the zoo.
11:32 AM: So. out. of. shape. Zoo. is. far.
12:38 PM: So fresh and so clean, clean. So excited to be wearing spring clothes! Open toed shoes, shirt dress.... I love it! Off to meet the boy in AMo!
1:12 PM: Hmm, it's getting a little chilly. I see a raincloud. Ok, we'll walk to Columbia Heights.
1:48 PM: Let's get on the metro and just go somewhere. I'm cold and wet and not so happy with myself.
2:31 PM: Freaking metro delays. Ugh. At least we're out of the rain.
2:43 PM: Let's check out Colbert at the Portrait Gallery!3:48 PM: Oh my god, it's freeezing. Back to the apartment.
4:36 PM: You really want to leave? I know it's sunny again, but COLD. Wearing SANDALS.
5:12 PM: I heart dollar racks of CDs. I totally needed these old school jams again.
6:32 PM: Oh The Diner, how I love your grilled cheese sandwiches.
7:28 PM: Back to the apartment. Warmth. Why is your On-Demand so much better than ours? Yes, let's watch hours of some new fangled Showtime shows and play addictive computer games, cause we're big nerds like that.
11:35 PM: Ahhh... back home. Perfect, perfect weekend. Le sigh.

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Katelin said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend, you busy woman, you.