Monday, April 21, 2008

weekend recap.

Good lord this weekend was crazy. Crazy amounts of work, crazy amounts of fun, crazy amounts of... crazy.

Friday was absolutely GORGEOUS so the roomies and I headed over to Sammy J's to celebrate Kate's new job. Hooray! Drinking outside makes life so much better. So so much.

Despite fully knowing that I needed to be at work at 8am on Saturday, I proceeded to join the roomies at a house party that a friend was throwing.... in his recently deceased grandfather's apartment. He's living there now, and it's... umm... creepy. Think about what your grandfather's apartment would look like. Then think about drinking out of red solo cups there. It's an interesting picture to say the least. I ended up having a little *too* much fun at the party and staying out far too late (I got home when most people wake up). That led to a rather difficult Saturday filled with both jobs and my attempt to be cheery. It was rough, to say the least.

I managed to rally and head out to meet some friends again on Saturday night at my most favorite Dan's Cafe. I must say that not drinking at Dan's is an eye-opening experience, as you fully realize the true grossness of the place and the smell of urine is even stronger with your sober senses, but I still love it and will return whenever an invite's on the table. You just can't beat it. Post-Dan's we headed to another favorite of mine, Madam's Organ.

Now 'splain this one to me: as soon as we walked in, a tall, young, rather attractive guy walked up to me and asked me if I knew what song was playing. It was Tom Petty, American Girl, of COURSE I knew it. He asked if I wanted to dance to it. That's right. Dance to Tom Petty. I get that he was trying to make conversation, but Tom Petty just really isn't dance-able unless you're at the concert. And even then it's questionable. But hey, I got a free beer out of his proposal so that works for me!

I must recommend going to Adams Morgan sober. It's a lot more fun to actually listen to how guys try to pick you up and you're much less likely to make a stupid decision, obviously. So hooray for that. It also makes Jumbo Slice a whole lot less appealing.

In theory you would think that I would have woken up on Sunday fully energized after my night of no-drinking, but instead I slept through my alarm, finally waking up at 12:15 when my phone rang. Well, kids, that was a problem, considering I was supposed to be at the boutique at noon. I don't normally sleep late so that's a good sign of how exhausted I was.... and still am. It was also a really super gross day outside, so I had zero motivation to leave my house. I finally made it down to the boutique around 1, hung around for a couple of hours during which I think 5 people came in the store, and left to have a quick meeting with the Craig-ster. That led to a couple of beers (BELL'S OBERON!!) and a buffalo burger at RFD with Craig and Keely, then back home to watch Pretty Woman (since, you know, I've never seen it before or anything). Glorious night indeed.

Ok, now that I've written all of this I realize it's incredibly boring and wordy. For that I apologize.

I'll leave with you with a couple of my latest finds:
I'm not a big fan of the whole gladiator sandal trend, but these are delicate enough for me to love.
How unabashedly pretty is this? It's totally motivated me to head to Goodwill and see if I can find something fabulously vintage.

I've got a Spring Fling to go to next week and I'm just dying to find something that screams spring, like this dress. Perhaps Goodwill will have something perfect for me.


Katelin said...

Um I sort of really want those silver sandals, like a lot want them, haha.

ps. I heart you and your crazy ways. come to California soon? please :)

Frankly, Scarlett said...

Doesnt that dress look like the one Molly Ringwald cut up to make her prom dress in Pretty in Pink??

DC Goodwill Fashionista said...

Bah! Of course Goodwill has something perfect for you.

Oh, and I need your email, darling. Shoot me a line at -the DCGF

Anonymous said...

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