Thursday, August 14, 2008

a mother's love...

I think I'm the only person in this country who isn't glued to the Olympics. I caught my first bit last night: men's synchronized diving. All I can say is who knew Canadians could look so good in speedos?!Yowza.

Ok, moving on....

Prior to catching this event I hadn't seen a single thing and relayed this information on to my mother. She totally freaked out, going on and on about how incredible all of the events had been and highlighted Michael Phelps. Which is when the following conversation took place:

Mom: "Oh my god, Michael Phelps. He's SO amazing. Did you know his feet turn out 15 degrees? Like flippers?! Plus his feet are size 14, and he has 6'7" wingspan. Isn't that incredible?"
Me: "Yeah, whatever Mom. Doesn't anyone remember the fact that he got a DUI a couple years back?! I mean, the guy's a criminal and we're all treating him like America's hero just because he won the genetic lottery."
Mom: "Whatever. You drink a lot. Things happen."
Me: (utter silence)

Thanks, Mom. Love you, too. ;)

In other athletic-related parent-child love news (yeah, you didn't think I could go there, did you?), have you seen this video? I just don't know how anyone could get through it without bawling. My reaction necessitated several Kleenex.


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Beth said...

i'm with mom here. how are you NOT watching the olympics?? i can't believe you missed michael phelps - i'm even more obsessed than mom.