Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boring week.

This week is just one of those "blah" weeks where nothing is going on and the minute I get in to work I'm already bored. I just putz around on the internet all day rather than doing the things that are piling up around me. Boo.

The weekend at home was good, but way too short. Lots of shopping, drinking, and eating, which I'm perfectly okay with. My sister found her wedding dress (woo!) and we also found the bridesmaid's dresses, which you can see here:

They're all going to be in the kiwi green that the strapless dress is made out of with a white and green floral sash. Should be cute. I'll be wearing the v-neck style, not sure what the other girls will choose.

Hopefully I'll have a more interesting post tomorrow.

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