Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A random sampling.

Well, the weekend was good: nice and long, hot, and full of shopping and vegging. I watched about 37 hours of the Food Network (so much barbecue!), went to Tyson's and Friendship Heights, and watched some good movies. Spent all of Sunday recovering from Saturday (oops), so it was nice to have Monday in order to be a bit productive. This is all incredibly thrilling, I know.

In more exciting news (for me, at least!) my birthday is in a mere 2 weeks. For the first time ever, my 'rents are just handing me a check to do whatever I want with... I guess I'm officially old. I *should* use it to help pay off my credit card bill, but I just can't do that, now can I? So, I don't know exactly how much I'll get and that will definitely change things, but here's what I'm trying to decide between.

1) an iPod. Mine is dead and I would definitely use it. I'm thinking that I will for sure buy one, it's just the question between the Nano and the regular one. Tough call.

2) Faboo sunglasses, like these from Tom Ford:

3) Other thoughts include an Isabella Fiore bag, a new wallet (kind of a necessity at this point, but I haven't found one that I like), or a fabulous piece of estate jewelry.

In other fabulous news about fabulous me, I'm getting pumped for my Black and White B-day party that my wonderful housemates are hosting on the 16th. Should be a good time, and I found my dress! (well, I re-found it, but still...). Everyone's invited, it should be a good time... email me for more info.

Well, I'm off to go see Pirates of the Caribbean, hopefully it will be better then the 2nd installment. I'll leave you with this lovely video from one of my favorites, Til' Tuesday:

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