Friday, May 11, 2007

slaphappy friday.

I'm leaving work in 45 minutes. That calls for some scat.

Shoo be doo bop didee bop dee bo. Scatta latta da dat dat dittidee bop boop.

Mmm.... I love scatting.

You know what I don't love? The jerkface that sits next to me in my office. Today he decided to hang some Panamanian flags. Good for you, toolface. It involved lots and lots of hammering, and then him stepping back into MY cube (3 FEET OF PERSONAL SPACE, DUDE!) to examine his handiwork. It was not fun. I'm sure I'll be talking about him a lot more on this thing, but he'll remain nameless, just in case, you know? I mean, my readership is already at eleventy billion, so I don't want it to get around.

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