Thursday, July 19, 2007

daily randoms.

1. I was just behind a blind man with his seeing-eye-dog in CVS (yes, I was desperate for my 4:30 pick me up of a Diet Coke and Swedish Fish). I was not at all impressed by the black lab's ability to direct the man to the register or follow the man's nearly silent commands. No, this dog was face-to-face with the candy section and didn't touch a single thing. I mean, his snout was in the peanut M&Ms and he didn't even take a little sample. I can't even resist that kind of temptation. I believe this is why my precious Tabby will never be a service dog. But hey, at least she's cute:

2. I just went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and realized something was amiss! I forgot to put on my orgasm this morning! And, let's face it, a day without orgasm is like a day, well, without orgasm.

3. Tomorrow is Friday, and it's a big Friday at that. I've got an interview at a faboo little boutique in Georgetown, a meeting for a big event next week, and then out to dinner! That calls for a lot of outfits and a lot of outfit planning tonight. I'm headed to the gem room at the Smithsonian shortly to hang out with my bff, my lover, my dreamboat, and all my other friends, but after that there is most definitely a fashion show in my future.

4. Yes, you got 3 posts today! Doesn't that just make you want to piddle your pants? A little bit? C'mon!

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Kate said...

i think i just piddled.