Thursday, July 26, 2007

daily randoms.

1. Today started out just fabulously. The bus driver passed me a note (I don't think I've been passed a note since the 8th grade) on a piece of the Express that read "you are a VERY beautiful woman!" So, that pretty much made my day right then and there, even if it was a little skeezy. I'm going to focus on the cuteness of it (and him!).

2. After my joyous bus experience, I got in the elevator with the craziest woman I've ever dealt with. There were about 4 other young people in the elevator with us and we all just cracked up as soon as she got out. She told one guy he was "sweating like a porpoise" and asked a girl reading Harry Potter if she ever put it down, seeing as she was reading the elevator. She went on and on about her grandkids and how much they loved it, and she called everyone "baby" and "sugah." Oooo, I want to see her again tomorrow!

3. The trash-talking on the Yelp boards is now in full swing, and I proposed a little stand off tonight at Pangea. I've decided that dance fighting is the only way to go, as it is oh-so entertaining. This is what I've got in mind:


I mean, who's to say that real life can't include dance fighting??

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