Friday, July 13, 2007

"she dresses like a gypsy!"

Sorry I've been so MIA with posting this week. There's no real reason for it, just feeling lazy in the summer.

I've got a particularly crazy coworker who is, quite possibly, one of the meanest people I've ever known. Let's call him Crazy Bill (I'm obviously not feeling creative here). He says bad things about just about everyone in the office whenever he's annoyed with them, which is often. He confides in Erin pretty often, so I asked her if he had ever said anything about me. The quote above was from yesterday, when he was trying to show his displeasure in my taste. I found the comment absolutely hysterical. In comparison to the things I know he says about other coworkers, this is very tame and I find it (though unintentional) rather endearing.

I spend far too much time thinking about my style and how people may perceive me in that style. I like to look different, but my budget doesn't allow me to delve into anything too fancy: I'm usually stuck at Forever 21 and Gap like the rest of the world. My roommate (let's call her Bex) and I were having a conversation about this not too long ago. I hate how style has become so casual and laidback: I really don't like jeans and flip flops. If I had my way, I would wear dresses and heels every day with matching hats, maybe gloves. Basically, time warp back about 60 years. Unfortunately this just isn't practical today: people wouldn't care, wouldn't appreciate it, etc. Also, the time-honored tradition of custom made clothes as been completely uprooted by the ready-to-wear business which makes it difficult to find clothing that doesn't look like everything else out there. I wish dressmakers were still affordable, where I could bring in my fabric and get something that fit me perfectly and totally matched my style. Instead, I've got to buy run of the mill things and attempt to make them look special, but I find myself falling in a rut all too often.

Now, maybe if I could learn how to sew decently, I could enjoy working on some of these:

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