Thursday, August 2, 2007

daily randoms.


2) Why on earth does it cost more to fix a camera than buy a new one? I mean really, that's ridiculous.... but hey, at least I got a brand spankin' new camera out of the ridiculocity.

3) I recently met a woman who solved Rubik's cubes for "fun." We were sitting on the metro and a guy was playing with one next to her. She asked him if she could see it for a second, and then proceeded to tell us that one of her good friends is in Guinness for solving one in record time. She starts to solve it, and finished it.... IN 2 METRO STOPS. By Foggy Bottom it was done. I've never seen anything like it. People were crowding around her and everyone cheered when she did it. Some other guy brought another cube to her but she was only able to get 3 sides of it before we got to our station. It was pretty incredible. This story brings up some questions:
1) How does one get "good" at solving a Rubik's cube, to the point that it's not "if" but "how quickly"?
2) Why on earth were there two people on the metro with Rubik's cubes?? I don't think I've seen one since 1997 and there were two on one metro car. Bizarro.
3) How can I learn to solve one? I mean, really. Best party trick. Ever.

4) Things are going really well at the store, it's just slow. Be sure to come by and visit me! I don't care if you don't buy anything... we just want some warm bodies in there.

5) I've become officially obsessed with bar trivia. I did it in Atlanta a fair amount and some Yelpers and I have started a weekly group up here. It's pretty fun, but definitely a shot to the ego. I'm determined to win something tonight, though! Come join us at the Tombs!

6) Next week is Restaurant Week. That means that next week I am going to be fat, broke, and gloriously happy. Yay.

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