Thursday, August 23, 2007

daily randoms.

1) Last night reminded me why I never drive anywhere anymore. Up until last night, I don't think that I had driven for over 2 weeks. I like it that way. I think it'll be another 2 weeks before I drive again. Wisconsin Avenue is a convenient place to live, but it really is a bitch of a street. The lights are never timed correctly, traffic is painful, and people tend to have no idea where they're going. Also, they seriously need to add a center lane that can be used as a left turn lane in both directions. Honestly. There was a big Yelp Elite event last night down on Capitol Hill, and I was, of course, running late. It took me a ridiculous hour and a half to get there (with a little detour in Bethesda, but still!). I mean, I could have had an additional 3 glasses of FREE wine in that time (and then definitely would not have been able to drive home, so I suppose things worked out in the end). From now on, I'm sticking with my public transportation: amorous bus driver and all.

2) I was out "sick" yesterday and it was incredible. Totally worth the stressful-ness of coming back this morning. Georgetown is a much more tolerable place on dreary non-weekend days: people in the stores actually help you! They're friendly, chatty, and it's a downright pleasant experience. I highly recommend it!

3) You may notice a new link list on the sidebar. It's a list of some of my most favorite online shopping venues. Obviously, I haven't included the "regulars" like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Bluefly, ShopBop, Active Endeavors, etc. because I assume y'all already know about those and enjoy them (as you should!). Instead, these are some sites that I love that you may not know about. I'll try to update it often, and feel free to send me links of places you love!

4) By the way, the Elite party (and after party, planned by yours truly, of course) was a blast. I of course imbibed a bit too much, but how can you turn down free wine? Sonoma was awesome and if I ever had a reason to throw a party for 100-ish of my closest friends, I would definitely have it there. The event space is incredible, the food was delish, and the service was great. Sophisticated to the core.

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