Tuesday, November 6, 2007

daily randoms.

1. Only in DC would one walk by a homeless woman who was not asking for food, or money, or even a cigarette. No, the woman was asking for lotion. She was SCREAMING "Oooooo, I'm ashy! You got lotion? I need lotion!" The thing is, if I had some, I totally would have given it to her.

2. Tonight is the Yelp Elite shindig, which means tomorrow is the monthly day of Hangover. Big hangover. Scorching hangover. Oh, and trivia that night. Woot!

3. Had my first Annandale experience on Sunday night. It was... special. Annandale isn't too far away but it's like a whole other world full of Koreans and strip shopping malls. And Korean shopping malls. It's bigger and more "accurate" (for lack of a better word at the moment) than DC's Chinablock and also has a lot better food. Seriously, this place should be called yelpland because I think I recognized the name of nearly every place as a yelp favorite. The soondubu at Lighthouse Tofu was no exception, at least until we got kicked out for being too loud. Ooops. Apparently Annandale can't handle the loudness of we yelpers.

4. I was sitting at a work luncheon today, and just happened to notice that every single man had a wedding band and only one woman did, and the room was a pretty even 50/50 gender split. I'm too tired to really comment/analyze, but I just found it interesting.

word of the day: jorts (j├┤rts) n. jean shorts. icky.

office-mate banter of the day:
o-m: you know, i don't think that proper working women wear those, um, you know, fishnets to work.
me: well at least my legwear came from the adult section of the department store, unlike those obvious kids-department socks you've got on there.
o-m: yes, you OBVIOUSLY shop in the ADULT section, if you know what i mean.

Oooo, innuendos at work. They don't translate so well into blogdom but it was all pretty hysterical. At least to those of us who are strung out at the end of the day at work.


Margo said...

Jorts should be stricken from society. Especially jorts for men. SHUDDERRRRR.

DC Jeff said...

Leave that lady some lotion!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I was going to leave a comment about something or other, but then I saw who had commented before me and I thought the previous poster's name read: Dr Jeff and I about died.

Whew. Close call.


nicoleantoinette said...

I've never seen a larger range of homeless people and what they're asking for than in NYC.

But, I've never been to DC!