Thursday, November 15, 2007

runway rundown.

Ok, it's officially back. We can all breathe again.

I had forgotten what the show was like with so many contestants all trying to prove themselves. It was difficult to keep up with who was who, especially since it seems like this season they've seriously upped the number of "alternative" folks. I understand that this is an art competition, but does everyone have to be so stereotypical? It kind of makes me miss the (ack!) Wendy Peppers of the world.

Ok, sorry, I didn't really mean that.

Anyhoo, on with the recap. It's hard to play favorites after only seeing one outfit, but I managed to do it last season with Jeffrey. Needless to say I don't see quite so much of a standout this time around, but I've managed to pick 3 folks that I'll definitely root for, due to both their design skills and their personalities.

1. Kit. I'm sure I'll get some flack for liking her as much as I do, but I can't help it. She's cute, kinda crazy, and I just really like what she did with this dress. I'm excited to see what she'll pull out next.

2. Rami. I think everyone in the free world can agree that this dress is gorgeous. And screw Michael Kors for his comment on the rosette-- I think it adds a wee bit of architecture, which is necessary with all this draping. Rami seems pretty laidback and drama free, which is always good.

3. Jack. In my opinion, this dress is pretty boring. Especially for the first episode when you have so many options. Still, I just love Jack's personality and I think this dress is a sign of what he *could* do.

Obviously I agree with most people in that Elisa-the-crazy should have been sent home, but it doesn't surprise me that they sent home who they did. The crazy always stays around longer than the boring. Also, did you notice at the end while the credits were rolling they said something to the effect of that the producers of the show have a say in who gets voted off? That's definitely new this year, but again it doesn't surprise me.

Also, why are the models so freaking fugly this year? Most of their faces look busted and they can't walk to save their lives. Looks like we need to do a little fashion reality show combo and get Tyra up in there!


Virginia said...

Hooray it's back! I agree with your choices. I could actually see myself wearing Jack's dress (though that probably means he's the next to go--not "fashion forward" enough). I thought Rami's dress was cool, but what's with the shoes?! I know they don't matter as much, but still I feel like something better could have been picked instead of those clodhoppers. And I liked Kit and Sweet P, but I sense a Duel Between Punks coming up eventually.

(And I loved when Heidi said that Elisa's model was "pooing fabric" as she walked down the runway. Hahahahaha.)

Janie said...

I love that we have some of the same favorites!! I also liked Jeff (?) who did the purple dress... it should be an interesting season. (Although I miss Uli and Kayne already... they always made me laugh).

Jamie said...

I thought I was the only one who noticed how unattractive the models were this season!

I have no favorites yet. I think they all could have done better for $50,000 in fabric!