Wednesday, November 14, 2007

sexy rexy!

People Magazine has published their list for the Sexiest Man Alive, 2007. Aside from the problem I have with grasping the idea of this changing a lot from year to year (do that many sexy men die each year?) I have to contest some of their choices.

People's #1: Matt Damon.

My #1: Clive Owen.

Matt Damon is cute and all, but if we're talking about sexy, we're talking about a tall, sleek, strong-jawed, well-dressed man, with an awesome accent to boot.
People's #2: Patrick Dempsey.
My #2: Leonardo diCaprio.
I've even surprised myself that I've put Leo here-- I was never into him during the whole Titanic thing. He was just too pretty for me, like Patrick Dempsey is for me now. Everyone loves a hot environmentalist.

People's #3: Ryan Reynolds.

My #3: Daniel Craig.

Ryan Reynolds?!?! WTF? His PR people shoud get a SERIOUS raise for that one. I love Daniel Craig for his piercing blue eyes, snappy clothes, ears that stick out a little, and that oh-so-wonderful badunkadunk. (I can't believe I just said that either.)

People's #4: Brad Pitt.

My #4: Brad Pitt works for me!

People's #5: James McAvoy.
My #5: Taye Diggs.
I do find James McAvoy cute and charming and I thought he was awesome in The Last King of Scotland (totally deserved an Oscar) but I wouldn't call him sexy. Especially in this picture. Does anyone else think he looks just a wee bit like Claire Danes?

Other insanity on People's part:

Ok, so Javier Bardem looks rather sexy here and I understand he's got these two huge movies out right now that are going to completely change his career. I get it. But for those of us who have just recently seen No Country for Old Men this is terrifying. He is by far the most creepy, scary, genius-pyscho villain that I've seen in a movie in a loooong time. I had nightmares. So I'd rather not see him staring up at me from the glossy pages of my overpriced People magazine. Thanks.

And let's counter that terror with this!
Ok, new crush here with Dave (People's #7). He's precious, his dog is precious, and we have the same favorite pick-up line! (let's not discuss that I have a favorite pick-up line. I know it's weird.) I absolutely love him (and the equally gorgeous Rob Lowe) on Brothers and Sisters as it's the only show that I actually keep up with these days. But Justin, stop doing the drugs! Your family loves and supports you. Save that pretty face of yours. :)


Virginia said...

I absolutely agree with your list, especially your man #3: Daniel Craig. He makes me swoon.

Did you ever watch the Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightly in it? I couldn't care less about her, but the guy in that movie (who looks a lot like Clive Owen) is fantastic. I don't know if he's been in other stuff, but I include him on my Sexiest Men list.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion of Dave Annable. I'm pretty in love with his character on B&S (rx drugs aside) and now that I see he's single and a pet lover? Mmm mmm mmm.


Katelin said...

Oh your top picks are quite nice. Clive is quite dreamy. And speaking of dreamy, I think I would add Eric Dane instead of Patrick Dempsey, he totally makes me swoon these days, haha.

nicoleantoinette said...