Thursday, September 13, 2007

funny funny.

Ok, I know this is totally random but for some reason I thought about this sketch today and just about cracked up. I saw him at the Roost (my college's on-campus bar)(yeah, we were stuck in Ohio so they gave us a bar) and had never heard the sketch before and cried my eyes out the entire time. I remember Kyle and I, sitting in the front row, not being able to catch our breath. Hysterical. One of my favorite college memories. Now he's performing in DC for $42 a ticket. I miss college.

Even more funny is that apparently about two weeks ago my Dad just walked into the living room, uttered "hooottttt pocckkkkkettt" and walked out. Yeah, my family is weird like that.

ps. is it Friday yet?

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Margo said...

That WAS an amazing show! And FREE! Le sigh, I miss college. And I am craving hot pockets now.