Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the winds of change.

I love transitional seasons. Fall is starting to arrive in DC: you can feel it in the air and I it makes me so happy every time I go outside. Even though it's supposed to get back up in the 80's next week (eww) I have officially made the switch to fall. I've packed up my seersuckers and white jeans and pulled out my cotton scarves and "real" shoes. I've got my fall manicure, changed from my aquamarine ring to my favorite garnet, and put away my summer perfume in exchange for my more musky fall scent. Even though I've always lived in a pretty mild climate (forgetting those 4 years in evil, evil, cold Ohio), I relish the four seasons and their distinct qualities. I like to change things from season to season: it's like welcoming back old friends. Despite my love for all of these changes, my most favorite thing about the fall has got to be the pumpkin.


Margo said...

100th Annual Pumpkin Festival in Circleville, Ohio (a state which is NOT evil, grrr). So glad you can come join us this year. My favorite dish last time was the pumpkin waffles...this time, who knows?? Maybe they won't sell out of the pumpkin burgers so early.

Johanna said...

I plan my entire year around all things pumpkin flavored. You have no idea how annoyed the people at the ABP on 18th/L are with me for poking my head into their store every day during the month of August asking, "Has the Harvest Pumpkin soup arrived?" Thankfully, last Monday, it finally *did* arrive and is here to stay. Well, until the end of March.

And since we're talking Ohio here, I also recommend the pumpkin cookies with caramel frosting from the Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton. I'm having a box of 12 shipped to my office tomorrow morning.