Monday, September 24, 2007


So back in the days of yore (ie. college) my good girlfriends and I would have a meeting (usually around a dinner/brunch table or a game of Kings) to discuss the semester/break's goals for one another. The goals ran the gamut: hooking up with particular guys or in particular places, wearing certain things, or doing other ridiculous things on campus. I'm proud to say that I fulfilled all but one of my goals, as I am just not the kind of girl who would wear sweats to class. Even if my bffs want me to. But I will dance on top of the low-key campus bar (twice), hook up with a particular guy within 24 hours of the goal being set, and meet someone from craigslist (a post-college goal).

So even though I'm not surrounded by my besties, I've still decided on a couple of fall goals for myself, to be completed by the first day of winter. They're not nearly as salacious or interesting as the ones that my mind-constantly-in-gutter friends could come up with, but still, here they are:

1) Perfect the cat-eye:

2) Rock the cuffed jeans with saddle shoes. Make it my "signature."

3) Find a new job to LOVE.

4) Take more pictures. Lots more.

5) Survive October. It's going to be the craziest month of all time.

6) Bake something directly from a pumpkin (I've done it before, but I want to try something other than a pie).

7) Hit the 200 mark for yelp reviews.

I'm sure I'll add more (at least mentally) as time goes on, but this is it for now. It's out there, in the open, and expect all of you to hold me to it.


Katelin said...

goals. yesssssssssss. let's make more in 17 days.

Margo said...

I can't BELIEVE you never wore sweatpants to class! Did you ever wear them on an airplane? I seem to remember that that was one of your goals as well.

And I agree with Katelin...more goal-setting in two and a half short weeks. We can speakerphone Jen in. And maybe eat Fazoli's at the same time, like the good ol' days.