Friday, January 18, 2008

last day.

Saying goodbye is hard and awkward and sad. I don't like it one bit. As much as I bitched and moaned about this job, my coworkers were the only things that kept me going. I can't explain how much I'll miss them.

Erin left early today, while we were at lunch. As sad as I was to see that she was gone, she was right: we'd be an absolute sobbing mess if we actually had to say goodbye. I've spent so many hours in her office, sharing ridiculous stories, bitching about my bosses, talking about the most random stuff. I know it's stupid to get all emotional about leaving people that I know I'll keep in touch with, but it's hard to know that it will never be the same. Thank god for gchat.

Saying goodbye, going away
Seems like goodbye's such a hard thing to say
Touching a hand, wondering why
It's time for saying goodbye

Saying goodbye, why is it sad?
Makes us remember the good times we've had
Much more to say, foolish to try
It's time for saying goodbye

Dont want to leave, but we both know
Sometimes it's better to go
Somehow I know we'll meet again
Not sure quite where, and I dont know just when
You're in my heart, so until then
Wanna smile, wanna cry
Saying goodbye

-The Muppets


Katelin said...

Aw. Well just think, you're moving on to bigger and better things :)

And gchat rules the world of awesome.

Virginia said...

Katelin is's really sad to say goodbye, but you're new job is going to be AMAZING! As awesome as your co-workers were at your old job, you deserve to look forward to work every day.

And can I tell you how much l love the Muppets? I love the Muppets. But tend to forget about them until these nice little reminders.

nicoleantoinette said...

Gchat makes everything better/easier/better. :)

Good luck with the moving onwards and upwards sweetie!