Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Ok, here's my situation:

I told the boss-man on Thursday that my last day would be Friday the 18th. I gave him 2 weeks and 1 day of notice. Now I'm trying to plan my trip to Palm Beach and tickets are OUTRAGEOUS. So expensive. I can find a decent one that leaves Friday morning.

Do I?
a) Tell the boss-man that my last day is now Thursday the 17th, head to Palm Bizzy on Friday, and have a bitching good time all weekend.
b) Suck it up, work on Friday, run risk of not being able to find a ticket to the beach.
c) Ask the boss-man if it's okay to move my last day to Thursday, proceed with choice A.
d) Spend money on ticket to Italy instead, because that's seriously how much these tickets cost. Ignore the fact that I'd have to sleep on a stranger's couch when I got there.

Thanks for your feedback. Oh, and if you know of any good cheap tickets sites beyond kayak, Expedia, and the actual airlines' websites, I'd appreciate that, too. :)


Katelin said...

I vote A. And proceed to tan and drink like it's your new job :)

Valerie said...

A. What's he going to do, fire you? ;)

Maxie said...

I'd go with C... then A.

Virginia said...

Choice C or A...just phrase it politely when you ask. Do you need someone to carry your luggage? Because I think I might be free that weekend.

Lexi said...


Kenzie! said...

A. Fosho. :)