Friday, January 4, 2008

wheel! of! fortune!

It's Friday, I couldn't be more unmotivated at work, and I'm bored out of my mind. Ignore the piles of crap I've got on my desk and the fact that I've got to have it cleaned out in 2 weeks, I'm still bored. This leads to the most random internet browsing.... ever. Read on.

See, the thing is this. I love game shows. I really do. My 8 BFFs and I camped out overnight on the streets to see Price is Right TWICE and I would totally do it again.... if Bob was still the host. But anyways, to the point. My love has been re-ignited by my recent trips to the gym. I always go at night, right when Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are on. I know it doesn't seem like great programming to watch while hoofing it on the treadmill, but trust me, it's awesome. The only problem is my tendency to shout out the answers or get angry at the stupid/slow contestants. I think my love for game shows is a result of my random talent for game shows. My head is full of worthless information and I think fast. Plus, Wheel of Fortune is always SO easy to figure out. Duh.

So anyway, the crew and I were discussing this at lunch, as we all go to the same gym and watch Wheel of Fortune together. They all told me that I just *had* to try out for Jeopardy, so I investigated. Turns out you have to wait for some bus to come to your city until an online application becomes available in late January. Whatever. So I check out Wheel of Fortune, just for shits and giggles, and hurrah! An online application!

My friends, this application was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Some highlights:

  • Are you a teacher? What grade level?

  • Do you have a pet? What kind?

  • Are you a parent with a son/daughter who will be graduating from high school or college in the spring of '08?

  • Are you an NFL fan? Who is your favorite team? Who is your favorite player? (same question for NBA, WNBA, and MLB)

  • Are you in the Armed Forces?

  • Are you a NASCAR fan? Who is your favorite driver?

  • Are you a country music fan? Who is your favorite country singer? (seriously, are they hunting for rednecks or something??)

  • Are you a fan of Soap Operas? Who is your favorite actor? What is your favorite soap opera?

Needless to say, I don't think I'm going to get picked, considering I answered "no" to every. single. question.

There go my dreams of meeting Vanna....


Valerie said...

I love game shows! They probably ask all those questions because they do all those theme shows (NFL week, etc.) on WoF. They don't ever do anything really interesting, though, just D-list celebs :/

Katelin said...

I hope you get picked, that'd be awesome, haha.

CresceNet said...

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Lexi said...

So did you get onto The Price is Right? My boyfriend and I were in LA last April and it was pretty much the only thing I wanted to do. I got tickets in the mail before we went, and we were the last two people inside the studio. Sadly, they did not call either of our names to COME ON DOWN, but it was still super fun!

PS. the studio is WAY smaller then it looks on tv

PPSS. Drew Carey is the worst host ever!

Virginia said...

Where is your sense of adventure?! You can totally make up answers to those questions. You KNOW you would make a good contestant!