Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It's only day 3 of October, aka the month of insanity, and I'm already exhausted. I was at the office until the double-digit hours last night (yuck) and back again early this morning. I try and I try (and I screw around on the internets) and the work continues to pile up. I'm broker than broke (will be drinking water tonight) and all kinds of cranky: I'm angry at my supervisors, the weather (when will it get cold, please?!), myself, and my toe (how can you hurt and be itchy at the same time?!?! how!?). At times like these, I have to remind myself of the good things:

1. I still have one of Erin's pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes in the fridge. I've already eaten 3. I love Erin.
2. Trivia tonight. Richard is coming all the way from Baltimore-- glorious!
3. I am so loving my latest manicure: OPI's Siberian Nights. My hands look oh-so-goth with my big black rose ring.
4. Barley the Labrador Retriever.
5. It's pumpkin season. My most favorite season of all. Pumpkins galore!

Quote of the day (actually from yesterday)
Christmas trees were not meant to be on display from Jesus' birthday to his resurrection. That's just not right. *I promise I'll have it down early this year, roomie!!*

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yes! i made the blog! :)