Monday, October 29, 2007

our one year anniversary.

It's Halloween 2006. I'm a little down because my party plans fell through, so I head to Goodwill because I'm broke and bored. I'm a little embarrassed to be doing "real" shopping with all of the people looking for costumes, but considering I furnished my apartment through these stores in Atlanta, I know I can always find some goodies. As I'm on my way up to the checkout counter with my vintage hammered Coke glasses, I see them: 3 and a half inch delicate heels, shimmery pewter Italian leather, sexy wrap around slingback strap at the ankle. I look closer and my dreams are confirmed as the simple white and black label runs down the sole. That's right. Manolo Blahniks. I run to them, eyes on the prize, knocking down small children and elderly women on my way. As I slip them on and realize they are exactly my size, I get goosebumps and tears begin to well in my eyes. I turn my new prize over, examine the barely worn leather sole, and shriek with utter joy. $5.99. As I run to the checkout counter in complete bliss, I can't help but hug the cashier. Vowing to return once a week, I flit out of the store and proceed to call everyone I know to tell them about this miraculous day.

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Bex said...

Awwwww... the guilt, the guilt! But see, ultimately it was meant to be. A blessing in disguise!