Monday, October 8, 2007

monday. ugh.

It's only 11:15 and today is already not going well. Shall I count the ways?

1. Slept through the alarm. Hair is now a curly frizzy mess.
2. Super-glued my fingers shut. Oops.
3. My pumpkin muffin was frozen in the middle. I ate it anyway.
4. My bus was not running this morning because it was a "holiday." Bastards.
5. Because of bus problems, I arrived to work late and completely forgot about a meeting. Luckily made it just in time.
6. There was lots and lots of fighting at the meeting among my bosses. Eeek.
7. Left my headphones at home and will therefore have no music today. It's gonna be hard to get through!

I'll give an update on the weekend post-lunch (or maybe tomorrow) when I'm in a better mood. I hope I hope I hope I hope!

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Margo said...

Mondays suck. Especially ones where half the country has to go to work and the other half doesn't. Those Mondays automatically REALLY suck.

I slept through my alarm too, and my hair also looks like hell. I am debating volunarily entering into a Crazy Cat Lady era in my life. It would just be so much eeeeeasier.