Thursday, June 28, 2007


My parents' 30th anniversary was on Monday. Apart from the fact that I completely forgot about it, this is a pretty huge milestone. I mean, really. 30 years. They've spent more of their lives together than they have apart. I honestly have no idea how they've done it, or how I'm expected to do the same.

I constantly tell them that they have ruined any shot for me to have a good relationship, or any relationship for that matter. They are just far too perfect together. And not in that annoyingly fake perfect way. Sure, they fight and bicker on occassion, but that's what love is. I mean, they've lived together for 30 YEARS. I have never once doubted their love for each other and its apparent that they honestly enjoy each other's company. I have no idea how I'm expected to find someone that will complement me so well, who I'll never get sick of eating dinner with, who I'll want to father my children.

Last Christmas my mom told me that she undoubtedly loved my dad more than she loved any of her children. After the initial shock of this statement wore off (the horror!), I began to understand her point. She chose him, out of the millions of men in the world, and he chose her. We were a result of that choice and their love (a wonderful, obscenely perfect result). He's got the added bonus of creating us, so that warrants more love, I suppose. Plus, as she said, she only has to live with us for 18 years, she's stuck with him for the rest of her life.

So, I'm screwed. My parents' relationship is 1 in a million and I'm not going to settle for anything less. When perfection is your example, I can imagine it will be hard to find that kind of perfect myself. They say that women often look for men that remind them of their fathers. As I realize that I am turning more and more into my mother every day (evidenced by my control freak-ness and progressively earlier bedtime), I think that's a solid theory. If there is a man out there who was raised by a single mom, has an insatiable work ethic, baby blue eyes, horrendous fashion sense, gives money to Republicans but (I think) is a closeted liberal, only eats Rold Gold thin pretzels, stays up till 4am to discuss world issues with his kids, and will be bald by the time he's 28, give me a ring (no, not that kind of ring... a ring on the phone). We're probably perfect for one another.

*it's a random pic, but i love it. they're drunk, sitting on the floor at fripp and my mom is checking to see if my dad is bleeding after an particularly violent play session with the dog. and no, the dog is not dead.*

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Kate said...

this is just so sweet.

and if i happen to find that guy, i'll send him to dc for ya. :)