Friday, June 29, 2007

steel magnolias.

Apparently I'm in some kind of romantic/manhungry mood (never thought you'd see those two adjectives slashed, did you?). Today's post is completely due to the fact that we have just hired an endangered species: a true-blooded Southern Gentleman. It really is amazing, he's 22 and acts just like my grandfather and uncles. I just love it.

I've been asked what qualifies a man as a Southern Gentleman. After thinking about it for a bit, this is what I came up with:

1. They are chivalrous to a fault. Opening car doors is just the beginning for these guys. You know in Say Anything, when Lloyd kicks the glass out of Diane's way? $100 says he learned that from a Southerner.

2. They're friendly. He'll shake your hand, smile when he meets you and he makes a point to repeat your name back. He always introduces people formally, includes others in conversation, and will compliment women genuinely. They will never let you stand, always give up their seat. They always have a great smile and a kiss on the cheek for the ladies and a strong handshake for men.

3. They drink scotch or whiskey on the rocks. A double. During the summer they usually turn to beer, but never light and always in a coozie. They play Hank Williams on the jukebox and will pull you to your feet and dance with you in the middle of a crowded bar. They'll swing you around and dip you and you'll squeal like a little girl and blush and turn red.

4. They're immaculately dressed in seersucker, linen, pastels, and sunglasses. They actually take the time to press their clothes (or take them to a dry cleaner). Shirts are always tucked in with a belt (no frat tuck) and sunglasses are secured with croakies. In the winter they wear Carhartt's and button-downs.

5. They've got the accent. A sweet tone to their voice, a slow drawl that makes the words sound dramatic. "Well, don't you look nice tonight," will make you weak in the knees. They always say "ma'am" and "sir" regardless of how much older the person is.

6. When they fall for a girl, they're smitten. Southern women may act fragile, but we're steel magnolias and the only men who can deal with us are the true Southern Gentlemen.

ps. THIS was the first image when I googled "southern gentleman." WTF, Google?

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